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Recently, the Con Dao District Party Committee (CD) held a contest of “Proud of the Glorious Party" in 2019. Taking place in 2 nights, the contest attracted the participation of 14 teams with 181 contestants from 45 organizations, Party base under the District Party Committee. The contest ended well, is an extensive political activity, a great lesson for the participants and a playground for exchanging between ts Party organizations in the district.
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Contest "Proud of the Glorious Party" was organized by the Community College to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, 50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh's Testament, to welcome the Party Congress at all levels and look forward to the 30th anniversary of the founding of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. Through 3 parts, including: "Congratulation to the Party", "Radiant tradition of our Party", “Proud of the Glorious Party", and 14 teams helped viewers look back on the glorious journey of the Party.
In the "Congratulation to the Party" competition, through stage performances, the teams cleverly conveyed the proud message of the Party's tradition, while vividly reflecting socio-economic achievements, political tasks as well as the process of building and developing the Party in their locality. The test also sets out many practical situations, which show the responsibilities of officials and civil servants in the performance of tasks, ...
Mr. Do Hoai Nam, head of the propaganda committee, the head of the contest jury said: The contest teams have prepared very seriously, each part is carefully invested, showing the high responsibility of the party organization, each team, every CB - party member when participating in the contest , thereby creating a pervasive, imbued with ideology, learning and following Uncle Ho's example. , pioneering, exemplary, near people to serve the people.
In the knowledge test, the teams showed their understanding of the history of the Communist Party of Vietnam over 90 years of formation, construction and development; the history of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Provincial Party Committee, Community College through periods; about Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style; 50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh's Will; information on current and national news and revolutionary songs praising the beloved Party and Uncle Ho. Experiencing 15 questions, most teams correctly answered 13 or more questions. This shows that the contestants not only have certain knowledge about the content of the test but also carefully prepare, learn and accumulate knowledge about the Party, Uncle Ho, revolutionary music and news.

Soldier Nguyen Minh Quang - unit of 2nd Infantry Battalion - said: (Reporter: Participating and cheering for this contest I find very meaningful and rewarding; every question, every presentation is a meaningful lesson for us to study, anchored in. I feel I need to try harder in studying and following Uncle Ho, worthy of being a soldier in the Vietnam People's Army.)
In the 3 parts of the contest, the content of the presentation "Proud Party of Glory" is the most highly appreciated and expected part. This is a competition presented in the form of stage play. With the content about the leadership process of the Communist Party of Vietnam over 90 years of formation, construction and development; outstanding achievements of the Party in the process of leading the Vietnamese revolution; personal feelings and feelings about the Party and Uncle Ho; 50 years of implementing the Will of CT.HCM; the solutions that need to be implemented to build the developing locality, ... The teams have the right to choose for themselves the topics mentioned above. However, the teams focused mainly on 2 topics: 50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh's Will and personal feelings and feelings about the Party and Uncle Ho.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Yen (Sub-department of Management Board of Con Dao Relic Site) gave a presentation on the topic "feelings of prisoners of Con Dao for Uncle Ho". For nearly 15 minutes, with thorough preparation, inherent knowledge, confident presentation skills, emotional expression, she skillfully led the viewers to look back and be proud of life for the country. , for President Ho Chi Minh's people, about the image of the nation's beloved old father through the sketches and sentiments of Con Dao prisoners towards him, ... Her presentation convinced both the judges and the audience and deserved to win the First Prize in the presentation contest to bring the first prize to the team. Ms. Yen said: (From the reporter: Having been trusted by the teams to write and present the presentation, I performed and completed my competition quite smoothly; both I and the team were concerned by the unit leaders. , support, create favorable conditions for practice, preparation, ... so we feel very happy, proud and honored to participate in the contest. We draw a lot of lessons and meanings to continue training and cultivating morality, raising professional qualifications and good work to build the homeland of Con Dao more and more rich and beautiful).
Before that, in order to prepare for the contest, the teams actively practiced. Not only carefully preparing the theme but also the organizers, the teams are also very interested in investing in the staging and costumes, illustration props. Thanks to that, the contest was more lively, spread the meaning to convey, attract, attract and enthusiastically encourage the audience; at the same time, the judges appreciate.
Mr. Do Hoai Nam - Head of the Propaganda Department, Head of the jury of the contest `` Proud Party Glory '' said: (Reporter: After 2 months of preparation, the teams had a very good competition. The judges highly appreciate the elaborate investment and serious training of the teams, especially the island district far from the mainland but the teams have very good preparation of costumes and makeup to illustrate the competition. To make the competition more interesting and interesting, the organizers will choose a team to practice in order to prepare for the provincial contest.)

At the end of the contest, the organizers awarded 6 first, second and third prizes to teams with high scores of 3 parts; award 3 individual prizes, 1 extra prize to the team with the most impressive introduction, 4 prizes for the team with the best presentation. At the same time, the Organizing Committee will choose the best team to participate in the contest organized by the province in October 2019.
 Thanks to the careful preparation, the leadership attention of grassroots Party organizations and the sense of responsibility to actively participate in the contests of party members and cadres in the district; Con Dao district's “Proud of the Glorious Party” contest in 2019 has been a great success, creating spillover and positive effects. Not only a meaningful political activity, but the contest also reminds each cadre and party member of his / her responsibility to continue training and strive to build an increasingly clean and strong Party.


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