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Implementing plan No. 176 of July 10, 2019 of Con Dao District People's Committee (CD) on organizing a technical competition on fire fighting and rescue for civil defense forces. units and specialized fire prevention and fighting forces in 2019. Recently, the Police of Con Dao District organized a technical competition for firefighting and rescue.
Participating in the competition, there are 10 teams with 60 athletes who are working in civil defense forces; fire fighting and prevention teams in the district, including 10 civil defense teams, a team of Public infrastructure management board, team of relic management board, Military Administration Board, Airport Authority Community College, Saigon Hotel – Con Dao, Con Dao Resort, Con Dao Electricity, and Forest Ranger District of Con Dao National Park. Coming to the competition, the teams participated in two contents: 4x100 m squad to rescue people and fight fires; Line 2 of Lang B sprayed the focal water.
At the competition, two contexts require each athlete to be physically strong, mastering the skills to use fire-fighting equipment and have high teamwork. In the competition, the 4x100-meter rescue people and fight fire: each team has 6 members; each team takes turns performing the competitions: running a relay of 4x100m to overcome obstacles to save victims and use fire extinguishers. The test is simulated from professional firefighting and rescue skills, so it requires each soldier and athlete to have good physical strength, master the professional movements, and complete the exam in the shortest time.
In the content of the competition of Team 2 of Lang B spraying the focus, the athletes of each team coordinate spraying hose and spraying water into the focus box that the organizers have prepared. The achievement of each team is calculated by the time completed the task set by the organizers.
Thanks to the regular attention and investment in fire prevention equipment and tools; In addition, the grassroots fire prevention forces are regularly trained so that in the process of participating in the exam content, the members of each team have a smooth, fast, thorough and decisive action. in deploying fire hydrants, using fire extinguishers, rescue, rescue the injured, ...
After nearly 3 hours of exciting competition and received the cheers of the audience, the National Park Rangers won the first prize in the content of 4x100 m relay squad to save people and fight fire; The civil defense team in the residential areas won first prize in the content of Team 2 of the Lang B spot spraying.
At the end of the sports festival, the Organizing Committee presented souvenir flags to 10 teams and rewarded the teams with high achievements in the competition. Professional sports festival of Fire Fighting and Rescue in 2019 in order to create a vibrant emulation atmosphere, promote the achieved results, raise the sense of responsibility of the heads of agencies and organizations, companies, and residential areas in the implementation of the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting. At the same time, through the sports festival to influence the awareness of the masses, to uphold the sense of responsibility of each individual and unit for FPF as well as proactively prevent and minimize damage on people, a property when fire and explosion occur. This is also a practical activity that the Community College aims to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the traditional day of the Fire, Rescue and Rescue Police Force (October 4, 1961 - October 4, 2019) and 18 years Day for all people to prevent and fight fire (October 4, 2001 - October 4, 2019).
On this occasion, the BR-VT Provincial Police gave the Con Dao District Police a special fire truck worth more than VND 5.5 billion to equip vehicles for firefighting and rescue operations mobilize the best efficiency, the role of the local FPF force.
Photos of sports activities
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