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The Management Board of Con Dao National Park (Management Board of the National Park) has just coordinated with agencies, units and armed forces stationed in the district to organize the 3rd collection and treatment of waste in 2019; some beaches are on small islands in order to contribute to cleaning the sea environment of Con Dao District.
8 20 2019 10 33 32 am

Forces collect and treat waste in phase 3.
This time the waste collection was divided into 3 main points on the beaches of Bay Canh and Hon Ba islands. The Management Board of the National Park has mobilized more than 150 cadres, civil servants, officials and officers of the district armed forces units, youth union members, employees of Con Dao Resort Limited Company (Six senses) and Cam Ly Company (Paulocondor).
8 20 2019 10 34 07 am

In Hon Ba area, immediately after the ceremony, more than 40 members were divided into groups to wear gloves, sacks and tools to start garbage collection, cleaning and cleaning at Dam Quoc beach, Cat Lon beach, and Cat Nhobeach. According to annual records, this area suffers a lot of waste from fishing activities, marine as well as domestic waste from Ben Dam port area drifted back, especially in the windy season.
8 20 2019 10 34 29 am

The weather of Con Dao these days is erratic, but it rains all over, with the spirit of "Let's clean the rubbish everywhere, because of a beautiful, clean and green environment", all the members of the delegation were warm Love, energetically focusing on work. Many types of waste such as: crumb net, foam bins, plastic bins, bottles, jars, shoes, plastic bags ... are quickly collected, sorted into sacks and brought to the gathering point for processing.
According to the Management Board of Con Dao National Park, in recent years, an average of more than 900 m3 of rubbish every year drifted to the beaches in the islets of Con Dao district. If they are not collected and treated in a timely manner, these wastes will affect the habitat of some types of marine flora and fauna, especially affecting the reproductive environment of sea turtles. . Consequently, the Con Dao National Park Management Board has mobilized units, armed forces, residential area and businesses to organize waste collection and treatment many times a year.
8 20 2019 10 34 57 am

In this round, the forces collected and treated about 150 m3 of waste, of which 50 m3 in Hon Ba area brought about significant changes in the environment, returning the ventilation to the Beach.
The result thanks the contribution of numerous officers, soldiers of the armed forces units, the youth union members in the district, thereby showing the responsibility of everyone to join hands to keep preserving landscape, environment Con Dao is green, clean and beautiful.
8 20 2019 10 35 21 am
The treated force is burning up all the collected rubbish.
Now that the district is implementing the project "Communication to raise awareness, awareness of responsibility for environmental protection in combination with promoting eco-tourism in Con Dao district", the garbage collection activities of the National Park Management Board does not only contribute Part of bringing clean environment to the environment, but such practical actions will also contribute to raising awareness for communities, tourists and fishermen in protecting the increasingly green and clean Con Dao environment. , beautiful, thereby promoting the tourism industry of Con Dao district for sustainable development./.


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