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The Con Dao political prison former liaison committee has just coordinated with Con Dao island district to hold a commemoration ceremony to commemorate the martyrs and patriots who sacrificed for 113 years at Con Dao prisons. This is the 8th anniversary of the death anniversary organized by the Con Dao Political Former Liaison Committee.
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Attending this year's death anniversary, there were nearly 300 Con Dao political prisoners and relatives of martyrs of many provinces and cities across the country, representatives of some central and local mass organizations and numerous officials and soldiers and people of all classes in Con Dao district.
At 9:30 am on July 22, June 20, Ky Hoi year, the eighth anniversary of the death anniversary was held at Con Dao Temple. After the opening session, Mr. Trinh Van Lau, former Member of the Central Party Committee, former Deputy Chairman of Central Committee of the Central Committee, former Secretary of the Con Dao provisional party committee, chief of the ceremony and members of the organizers raised 9 bells from Dai. Con Dao common roses. In the immense space of Con Dao sky and sea, 9 bells are ringing like the hope of the indomitable struggle of class of elite children who have permanently stayed in Con Dao during the struggle. hide from the colonial and imperial prison. Afterwards, the delegation went to burn incense on the top of a big incense on the temple yard and to burn incense at the banquet of martyrs at the Temple of Con Dao.
In the 113-year history of Con Dao prison, more than 2 thousand people died, of which only over 1,900 tombs of heroes and martyrs were collected at Hang Duong cemetery, of which 713 tombs remain. The names of martyrs have not been found yet. Since 2012, to commemorate and honor the heroic martyrs who died in Con Dao, in the middle of the sixth lunar month every year, the former political prisoners of Con Dao converge to Hang Cemetery. Duong, Con Dao Temple to commemorate and appreciate the comrades and comrades who have not returned forever, who are incarnating themselves in the sacred land of Con Dao.
Most former Con Dao prisoners now have entered the "rare and old" age, but upon receiving the invitation of the Organizing Committee, they returned to Con Dao to reunite with their comrades. Once a birth and death, indomitable struggle in prison and together to remember the ancestors of comrades, teammates sacrificed resting peace on the land of Con Dao.
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At the death anniversary of heroes and patriotic compatriots this year, in addition to the former Con Dao prisoners, many union members and young people from provinces and cities across the country, they came, Hang Duong cemetery, go to Con Dao temple to offer incense to the heroes of martyrs, who did not regret the blood and sacrifices for the nation to have peace, independence and freedom like today. That is the clearest evidence of the tradition of "drinking water and remembering the source" that has existed for many generations of our nation.
 This year the death anniversary of heroes and patriots is held on the occasion of our whole country heading to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs' Day (July 27, 1947 - July 27, 2019). Therefore, the death anniversary is not only a practical action to commemorate and honor the ancestors who sacrificed for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland but also an occasion to educate patriotism and self-respect national pride for generations today and tomorrow in the work of national construction and defense.

Source: Thu Huyen

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