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On the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the Vietnam People's Public Security Traditional Day and the 14 year anniversary of the National People's Protection Day; On the evening of August 18, the residential areas in the district simultaneously organized a meeting to hold the conference "All People Protection of the ANTQ". Attending the meeting were members of the Steering Committee for preventing social crimes and building a movement of the entire people to protect the national security of Con Dao district.
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At the seminar, the people of 10 residential areas and the participants attended the review of the glorious tradition of the People's Public Security force through 74 years of national liberation, national defense and purpose the meaning of the national festival to protect national security. At the same time, assessing the results of the 1-year implementation of the entire people movement to protect national security in residential areas and set out key tasks in the coming time.
In the past year, the movement of All People to protect the Fatherland Front in the district has been widely developed. The whole district has built 10 civil defense teams with more than 70 members; 10/10 KDC has a people's security team and a reconciliation team; residential areas have police force; ... contributing to preserving security, protecting peaceful life for people, creating favorable conditions for the local socio-economic development. 
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Through the movement of All People to Protect the People's Republic, the residential areas have built and developed dozens of pilot models that integrate crime prevention, social evils, AIDS, food hygiene and safety and order assurance. traffic Safety; 2 crime prevention clubs are integrated between residential areas; ... Besides, the district police also cooperated with local agencies and mass organizations to promote the propaganda and education of the Party's guidelines. , State policies and laws; purpose, meaning and importance of the "All People Protection of the Chinese Republic" Festival. Since then, people's anti-crime awareness has been constantly raised, providing many criminal denunciations, helping the District Police investigate and clarify 5 cases and 9 subjects violating the law on security; 4 cases, 6 subjects illegally trafficking narcotics and making decisions to sanction administrative violations 41 cases, 69 subjects.
Also on this occasion, residents of the residential areas participated in contributing opinions to the district police force in general and police officers in particular in carrying out the task of protecting the national security: to propose the Public force. the district police strengthened the task of grasping the situation, promptly advised and proposed to the superior policies and measures to enhance the field management of security and order; coordinate patrolling to detect and promptly solve problems and contradictions among the people, not to let unexpected and unexpected situations occur.
 On this occasion, the District People's Committee commended the two individuals in residential areas No. 5 and No. 6 for their outstanding achievements in building the movement `` all people protect national security '' awarded by the provincial People's Committee commend.

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