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On August 30, the mission of the Department of Health of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province had a meeting with the People's Committee of Con Dao district to check the prevention and control of dengue in the district.
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At the meeting of Department of Health with Con Dao district
According to a report of Con Dao Health Department, from the beginning of the year until now, there have been 259 cases of dengue fever in the district, up 257 cases compared to the same period in 2018 and the highest in the last 3 years. 10 out of 10 residential areas have dengue; of which, the 7th residential area has the highest number of dengue infected people (60 cases). There were 20 cases referred to higher levels for treatment; 120 cases were cured and the rest were outpatient. Across the district, 48 outbreaks have been detected.
In order to proactively prevent and control dengue fever, the district has proactively developed a plan to set up disease control teams; organize chemical spraying to handle outbreaks and active spraying in areas prone to epidemic outbreaks; Organizing campaign to eliminate mosquito larvae to prevent dengue fever; I army on clean, beautiful Saturday; ...
However, up to this time, the number of dengue cases has been increasing and complicated. The district health sector identified that the residential areas at high risk of outbreaks in the last 5 months were zones 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The reason is that in the rainy season, the humidity is high and convenient for mosquitoes breed and develop; In the process of implementing the epidemic prevention, some households have not cooperated with local health care in the spraying of mosquito repellent; items that collect clean water without covering are factors that create favorable conditions for mosquitoes to transmit dengue for reproduction and development; ...
Proposing to the Department of Health at the meeting, Con Dao Health Department proposed the Department to support the locality in communication on dengue disease; training on dengue prevention for residential area officials, medical collaborators and members of the people's healthcare steering committee; ...
At the meeting, after listening to the branches and localities analyzing and assessing the advantages and difficulties in the prevention of dengue fever, the inspection team of the Department of Health requested Con Dao district to promote the propaganda to people raise awareness and well implement measures to prevent and fight dengue fever; it is necessary to organize the mobilization to clean the environment, eliminate mosquito larvae and larvae throughout the district; Proactively spray chemicals to handle small outbreaks in residential areas to limit the spread of disease and outbreaks into major epidemics, and at the same time, the district should set up shock groups, down to the base to guide people. how to kill larvae and larvae with some common chemicals. It is recommended that people regularly rinse pots, pots, collect stagnant water, cover rainwater tanks and keep their houses clean by '' There is no mosquito, no dengue fever ''.

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