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Besides performing professional tasks, every year, the military forces (LLQS) of Con Dao district cooperate to organize many activities to clean the marine environment. Thereby, contributing to building Con Dao increasingly politically strong, strong in defense and green - clean - beautiful environment, becoming an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.
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Stationed in Con Dao district, besides the task of training being really for combat, officers and soldiers of the Military Steering Committee (MSC) of Con Dao district also volunteered to be the key force in all missions. In particular, the MSC has done a good job of propagating and educating cadres and soldiers to be properly aware of the environment's impact on the military, defense, and socio-economic development tasks of the local; actively and proactively together with locals and armed forces units stationed on the island maintain the environment. clean up rubbish on beaches,  carry out green acts on environmental protection and planting trees ...
Captain Nguyen Van Hung, Secretary of the Youth Union, Con Dao District Military Committee said that the Executive Committee of the Union had advised the Party Committee and District Military Commission to implement the Program "For a Green Vietnam" to 100% of cadres, soldiers, especially the Youth Union members in the district armed forces. As a result, the sense of responsibility of each person for the environment of Con Dao is raised, positively responding to environmental protection activities.

For many years, the district's Military Police Department has implemented movements such as "Giving hands to protect the environment, building the landscape of green - clean - beautiful units", "Green Operation", "Voluntary Saturday", "Green Sunday" or clever models of people "Volunteering for the marine environment", "Accompanying with residential areas to protect the environment" ... Thereby, officials and soldiers of the units directly carry out many environmental protection activities, which not only contributes to making Con Dao increasingly green - clean - beautiful but also increases the unity of soldiers and locals.
Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, head of No. 2 Residential Area said: In the area of the No.2 residential area, there was the No.2 Infantry Battalion, belonging to the Military Headquarters of the Con Dao District. Officers and soldiers of the unit not only build green - clean - beautiful barracks but also together with residential areas to implement the smart campaign model "Along with residential areas to protect the environment". Accordingly, on a Sunday in the month, officials, soldiers, and people collect garbage, clear the bushes clear the sewers; help lonely families clean, collect rubbish. Seeing adults do, children also follow. The children know to put rubbish in the right place. Thanks to that, the residential area is always clean and beautiful.
As one of the armed forces stationed on the island, the District Military Section always cares and coordinates with units participating in environmental protection activities. In particular, unit officers and soldiers actively respond and are the key force in the collection of waste on small islands. This activity is organized 3 times per year, with the participation of many forces. With each launch, the forces collected and treated nearly 500m3 of garbage, returning the clear and fresh beach to the islands. In addition, the forces also propagated and mobilized people, fishermen, tourists to raise awareness of environmental protection, and not littering, indiscriminate waste when operating and living on the beach as well as above sea.

 The garbage collection activities of the Military Force in Con Dao district have contributed to promoting the spirit of shock and volunteering of officials and soldiers in environmental protection, joining hands to develop sustainable Con Dao tourism. ./.

Source: Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Anh Tuan (Deputy Politician, Military Police Department of Con Dao district)

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