Monday - 25/11/2019 15:53
This morning (August 19), Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Van Tuan chaired the meeting to approve the outline and sketch sample to re-image the prisoner of Con Dao with wax figures. Attending the meeting were leaders of Department of Culture and Sports, Department of Construction, Department of Propaganda and Education of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee of Con Dao district, Management Board of Con Dao relic, and artists were members of Vietnam Fine Arts Association and some former Con Dao political prisoners.
8 20 2019 9 27 19 am

According to a report of the Department of Culture and Sports, after more than 20 years of exhibiting for visitors, the scenes and statues made of cement at the relic "Con Dao Prison" have been seriously degraded, most of them are cracked, broken, rotten, faded ... Meanwhile, Con Dao is currently a special national historical monument; Not only attracts the majority of Vietnamese people to learn, review the heroic revolutionary tradition of his father but also the destination of many foreign tourists. Therefore, it is an urgent need to adjust, upgrade, add displays and restore waxed-out statues with wax; just express the spirit of "Drinking water to remember the source", grateful for the sacrifices and contributions of the previous person; has contributed to the education and promotion of patriotism for the younger generation.
Con Dao prisoners' statues will be restored with high-strength crayon material, resistant to severe weather and climate conditions here; be created eyes, hair transplants, eyelashes, eyebrows and cloth costumes to create vivid, intuitive. The materials in the cell are restored according to the prototype; Combined with sound and light effects to create true feelings, increase the attractiveness for visitors.

The display at Con Dao prison will recreate the main activities and events such as: the political prison cell during the French colonial period; prison break on October 2, 1966; forms of torture and torture of prisoners; the moment of receiving the news of the complete liberation of the South and the reunification of the country on April 30, 1975 of prisoners in Con Dao ...
The project to restore the symbolic display at Con Dao prison is expected to be implemented within 18 months, starting from the third quarter of 2019 with a total budget of over VND 54 billion.
Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Van Tuan affirmed the policy of restoring the Con Dao prisoners' image with wax statues of the provincial leaders and requested that the display and restoration must be done carefully respect and stick to history, be honest and objective, and respect the status quo of Con Dao prison relic. After listening to the opinions of members attending the meeting, especially those of historical witnesses, Mr. Tran Van Tuan asked the Department of Culture and Sports to absorb and continue working with the consulting unit. (October Construction Joint Stock Company) on stages of restoring image, sound and light; at the same time, studying and reviewing the additional plan to re-create the event "opposing fingerprints, taking photos to change prisoner records" of the guards in Con Dao after the Paris Agreement was signed. In addition, he also endorsed a proposal to create a 3D film that recreates activities, photos, events at Con Dao Prison along with a multi-language voiceover to contribute to the visitors  more about the "hell on earth" of Vietnam for a while./.



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