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Continuing activities under the project "communication to raise awareness, awareness and responsibility of environmental protection combined with promotion of Con Dao ecotourism" "; Recently, members of the media club of environmental protection Con Dao organized a cleaning campaign to clean the beach in Co Ong area.
Participating in this activity were 30 club members and some students of Le Hong Phong Secondary School. From the center of Con Dao, the members moved to BaiVong - Co Ong area to collect waste.
This is a middle part of the beach adjacent to the runway of Co Ong airport about 3km long, one of the beautiful and quite pristine beaches. However, during the monsoon season (northeast wind), the amount of rubbish from many sides, many sources flock to the Vong beach area. Sourcing by fishermen littering the sea, the sourcing of the current flows "from all sides" from neighboring countries. The amount of rubbish is much and stuck in the rock holes, groves, covered with sand ... leading to a large amount of rubbish in the sea area of Vong beach.
Upon arriving at the beach, the club members actively collected all kinds of waste, including plastic bottles, plastic bags, foam, beer cans, nets, etc. Garbage is collected and gathered at the prescribed place for treatment. .
Although the garbage is large, thick and entangled in tree stumps, rocks, ... making the gathering work of the forces takes place quite difficult but with the slogan `` a small action but of great significance '', the force has collected nearly a dozen blocks of rubbish, returning nice ventilation and cleanliness to about 0.5 Km of coast.
Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan - Chairman of Con Dao Environmental Protection Media Club - said: (Excerpts: monthly, quarterly clubs still organize activities to protect the environment; the members of the club are very active. participate ……… .. many practical and effective activities and we also propagate together to say no to plastic bags to protect Con Dao environment.)
Along with cleaning the beach, the club has distributed more than 200 environmental protection materials and travel brochures for visitors and tourism service businesses in Dam Trau Beach. With slogans such as: Please dispose of waste at the prescribed place; limit the use of plastic bags; Please classify rubbish, ... The club has propagandized and mobilized people and tourists to protect the environment and keep the green, clean and beautiful beach to serve the goal of sustainable tourism development of the locality.
Nguyen Van Bao, a student of Le Hong Phong Secondary School, said: (From the reporter: Today I am very happy to be together with the boys and girls to collect trash to clean the beach. I find this activity very meaningful because contributing to the clean of the beach; I always put waste in the right place ... to protect the environment of Con Dao.)
It is known that this is one of the activities that the club maintains every month to raise awareness, awareness and responsibility for environmental protection in combination with promoting eco-tourism for local people and tourists. visitors to Con Dao. Through this activity to contribute to improving the marine environment and making Con Dao always green and clean. In particular, in the near future, the club will promote the propaganda of business service businesses in the district together to change habits in the use of plastic products, "Say no to plastic bags. "... to minimize the burden of environmental pollution.
Some pictures of the club's propaganda and waste collection activities:
20190817 095150

20190817 095005
20190817 081126
20190817 081002
img 20190803 150106


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