Announcing hotlines to serveand solve complaints, supply information for tourists on Con Daoisland

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 22:55
The People's Committeeof Con Dao District has decided on strengthening the duty of a group that control the hotlines intourism field.

Currently, Con Dao district has over 50 businesseswhich trade in restaurants and hotels sector. This figure includes 11 business trade restaurant services. To provide guests timely information Con Dao travel and receive complaints with the shortest time about compressing price, selling over the price list, chasing tourists ... Or problems of local and foreign tourists,the People's Committee of Con Dao District issued adecision on strengthening the duty of a group that control the hotlines in tourism field on 12th September 2016. The numbers of the hotline to solve complaints and supply information relating to services and price in tourism field of Con Dao island are: 064 3830 115 (during office hours), 01234988588 (tourism management board), 0913172388 (finance and plan department), 0913636551 (Market management board). In this strengthening, thePeople's Committee of Con Dao district has defined the functions and tasks of the group as following:


- Check, manage prices, receive information, complaints from tourists and handle violations to management, prevention negative matters in cultural and tourism activities.


- Receive and resolve complaints from tourists to develop a sustainable tourism in Con Dao district.


- Support, provide information about Con Dao travel for tourists when they need as policies, regulations, destinations, tours ...; Give measures to ensure safety for travelers when rising problems, incidents because of  inviting with insistence, increasing in price over the list price of goods or services. This group also helps travelers when they have problems with social security, in case of accident, illness, lost their luggages ... And other requirements.


The Management Board of Con Dao tourism zones is a division which help the group, work as a point to receive information, calls from visitors to support for tourism. They also receive complaints about quality of tourism services or asking for help in an emergency within Con Dao district and timely forward information orvisitors’ petitions to relative departments. These departments will assist or handle the situations. After having conclusions they will feedback for tourists.


The strengthening the duty of the group that control the hotlines in tourism field will enhance effectiveness of support activities for tourists. By this innovation course is base of changes of practical activities in the furure. It will contribute to make a  sustainabletourism for Con Dao district. It also builds trust in domestic and foreign tourists.


The People's Committee of Con Dao Districtissued a decision forming the group for management the hotlines in tourism field on 18th November 2013.  From founding untilstrengthening the group, the group has worked very efficient,timely and fully handled requests, complaints ... of the tourists, contributed to creating a prestige and friendly image for Con Dao destination.

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