Con Dao district: 500 people participated in the campaign "Clean Sea"

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 22:21
Con Dao districtheld a solemn ceremony for garbage collection, cleaning, sanitationof beaches to respondto "Clean Sea" campaign with more than 500 officials and public servants, youth union members, soldiers and citizen of 10 residential quarters.

Nguyen Anh Nhut, vice president of the People's Committee of Con Dao District launched the campaign torespond to "clean sea"

To implement document No. 4269 dated on 16/06/2016 of People's Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau on response, coordination, participation 'Clean Sea' campaign in this district, in the morning Saturday 10th September 2016, the People's Committee of Con Dao District held a ceremony to respond 'Clean Sea' Campaign. The leader of District Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee and Fatherland Front Committee and 500 officials and public servants, youth union members, soldiersof armed forces unit on the island and citizens 10 residential quarters.


Reportedly, the "Clean Sea" campaign was launched in May 2016by VTV24, propagandize, raise people's awareness about protecting the marine environment, respond to climate change, at the same time support fishermen having difficulties in the central provinces, help them stabilize their lives and continue to work with the sea, ... This campaign was launched and deployed nationwide from June 62016 to June 2019. The campaign strives for having at least 28,000 members, young people participating directly. The message of the campaign is "Clean Sea" - It is a powerful call to not only youth union members but also all people to give hands for protecting marine environment.


At the ceremony for garbage collection, cleaning, sanitation of beaches to  respond "Clean Sea" campaign, Nguyen Anh Nhut - Vice Chairman of Con Dao district stressed:"Through the media, we have heard a lot about mass death situation in territorial watersof Central province due to let industrial wastes into the ocean. And according to statistics of the World Economic Forum, by 2020, if there have 3 tonnes of fish in the ocean, there will be 1 ton of garbage put into the sea. For Con Dao, the protection of the marine environment was very difficult such as garbage, wastewaterare not properly invested; ... In addition, the island also suffered from external impacts on environment. Every year, garbagesfrom ocean drift on the beach cause environmental pollution and risk of affectingon marine ecosystems. A byword for this risk is phenomenon that coral was bleached and die at sea up to 400 to 500 hectares in this island in 2015, 2016. Hopefully, through the 'Clean Sea' campaign, officers, soldiers and people continue to give hands for Con Dao environmental protection, conservation and development of biodiversity, protecting sea, islands by practical actions. ''

Elements paraded in the "clean sea" campaign


In the ceremony, officers - soldiers and the people of Con Dao paraded on some main roads ofCon Dao center to communicate for 'Clean Sea' campaign and propagandize to raise awareness of the people, the youth union members in cleaning up beaches and preserving marine environment.


Immediately after the ceremony, officers, soldiers and youth members of the armed forces units and people in 10 residential areas were shared to clean up garbage at some beaches in the district such as Mui Lo Voi Beach area; Dam Trau beach, Bai Vong in Co Ong and at the end of Ben Dam area.


According to our records, the ceremony of the campaign was held on holidays and under hot weather but with volunteerism, enthusiasm and responsibility, the inhabitantsin this island district enthusiastically collect garbage, cleanup marine environment. Only in the morning, the forces participating in the "Clean Sea" campaign has collected dozens of blocks of assorted waste, contributing to clean, renew Con Dao marine environment. Along with the beaches cleaning, the youth union members and officers, soldiers, armed forces have joined to propagandize to raise awareness of protecting the environment and preserving the green, clean and beautiful beaches to serve tourism development goals of the district.

Armed force are collectting garbage at the beaches


Mr Le Ba Phong – a member of Youth Union branch of Finance - Planning department said: "Our Youth Union branch collect garbage. By  my spirit and responsibilities, I want to contribute my best to clean the beach, hygiene environment and also help propagate to everybody not to litter, please dispose of waste at the prescribed places for our environment and for protecting maritime homeland ".


The campaign is a practical active to raise awareness for youth union members, officers and soldiers of the armed forces and the people in Con Dao district about the ocean's role in human life. Hopefully, through the campaign will build awareness and responsibility of the community for protecting marine environment and habitat. Gradually to bring "Clean Sea" campaign to become a frequent, practical and effective activity in Con Dao island.


In the same activities to respond to the '' Clean Sea '' campaign in Con Dao district; in the morning Sunday 11st September, Con Dao Frontier Station will give gifts to 15 fishermen having difficulties in the district and fishermen committing to protect marine environment.

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