Developing Con Dao become aninternational resort part 2

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 20:50
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chinh, Chairman of People's Committee of Con Dao district, said thatimmediatelyafter Con Dao is oriented to develop into a resort with high quality services, the executive committee of the party implemented many important tasks to build and develop Con Dao according to above goal. 

Each term carries an imprint of economic performance and social development.

According to his words, in the term of 2006-2010, Con Dao prepared to deploy the huge tasks under the new model, they have recorded important results on the way to becoming a modern tourist resort in the term of 2010-2015. All the fields of economy, politics, culture, society, national defense and security have had important results, which mark the biggest economic especially development tourism and services in the district.

In the context of the economy of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province and the whole country in general still was difficult, the total value added of Con Dao district's economy from 2010 up to this time still gets3 times higher than the previous period, over 1,300 billion. The economic structure of tourism, services and industry that the Eighth Congress determining has shifted in the right direction. Tourism and industry accounted for over 87% in the structure. Industry, construction and agriculture - forestry - fishery account for a very small percentage, just over 10%. These indicators are appropriate to Con Dao development orientation ofgovernment and insisted that the solutions of Con Dao district party leaders in recent years was judicious.

Development of tourism and service is expressed clearly in every aspect by the number of visitors, the diversity in industries, the total revenue,  the volume of investments... Accordingly, revenue from tourism increased 13 times compared to the 5-year period from 2006 to 2010; since 2010, the average numberof visitorshas been 80,000 passengers/year, higher than 60,000 visitors/year compared with the previous year. International visitors alone increased rapidly in every year. Con Dao receivesabout 20,000 international visitors every year.

The number of tourists rising makeswant of investment in tourism development in the province grow. Regarding hotel services, lodging, Con Dao currently has 38 establishments with a capacity of 1,500 guests, while in 2010, only 10 establishments met about 600 guests. Many large hotels like Resort Sixsen withfive star standard; Saigon - Con Dao Hotel and Trade Union Hotel, equivalent three star standard have been completed and put into operation over the years.

Transportation serviceswhich meet and see off tourists from the mainland to the island have also increased the frequency of operation. Two of Con Dao passenger ships with a carrying capacity of nearly 400 people per trip. In spite of working with the maximum capacity, they just  metabout 3/4demand of visitors. Meanwhile, the airline Con Dao - Ho Chi Minh City in recent years has average frequency of flights 6 flights/day, increased 3times compared to the period 2006-2010. Besides, the media for carrying visitors in 17 tours, on the shoreline andCon Dao internal sea are also very diverse. There are  about 100 passenger cars, taxis involving in shuttle operations. There are nearly 20 boats, speedboats with carrying capacity of 120 visitors at the same time for visiting islands, fishing, coral diving.

Talking about the diverse activities of tourist services, wemust mention souvenirs shops. There are only a few small shops with small items some years ago, but now there are nearly 20 shops and a mini supermarket of professional gift for visitors. Besides the excitement of the tourism sector, economic and trade activities of the service sector in Con Dao district are also quite impressive. The total revenue of this sector reached nearly 3.4 trillion, an average increase of 18%/ year. Trading, exchange activities are now taking place everywhere, in addition to traditional markets, there are a lot of stores, dealers, mini-marts, the system of restaurants, cafes, markets…meet diverse needs of visitors as well as residents of Con Dao.

After development of  tourism, industry, agriculture and fisheries will be promoted to meet diverse needs of tourists; this will contribute to increase income of the society; raise awareness of environmental protection, have a sense of preservation and rational exploitation of tourism resources. In terms of social significance, the tourism industry has found jobs for over 600 people in Con Dao district.

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