Fatherland Front of Con Dao district held the handover of solidarity houses for the poor

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 17:23
To promote the tradition of solidarity of the Vietnamese nation, " Do as you would be done by", " The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves" the Party, government and social strata have done well approaching work, 

contributing fund "For the poor" and mobilizing  to support building, reparing housing for the poor. This is also a target of the Party, government, organizations and community. It is a practical and meaningful action to contributesocial stability, economic development, ensuring social justice to local.

To implement poverty reduction programs in the district together with the heart of solidarity and join hands to support the development of solidarity houses for the poor, difficult families without houses, on 17th August 2016,Ben Nghe Port Ltd,.co - Ho Chi Minh City has coordinated with the Fatherland Front Committee of Con Dao district to organize the program which present a solidarity house for family of Mr Nguyen Hon Hai residing in residential area 2, Con Dao district with total funding of about 60 million VND. Family of Mr Hai were excited and promised to preserve the house to reside in long-term and hard working to reciprocate the attention of the authorities as well as Ben Nghe port.

The Fatherland Front Committee also held the handover  of solidarity houses to family of Ms Le Thi Sy residing in the residential area??3. This is a particularly difficult family. After the constructing timewith the support from the fund "Gratitude" andfund  "For the Poor" of the district at a cost of 60 million and the internal resources of the family, the house has been completed and granted to this family.

The support hard families in order to build solidarity houses has a great significance. This is one of the practical activities of Con Dao district to help the poor  “live and work in peace and contentment”, feel secure to develop home economics,  to step out of poverty with a stable life and contribute a part to social security. 

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