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Monday - 27/05/2019 23:06
Travel is a wonderful natural experience that Con Dao converges full of majestic  landscape. The island is made up of an archipelago of 16 different islands. Each with its own unique features that will surely give visitors many different emotions. The most notably difference is to discover Tai islet, Bay Canh islet, Cau islet or Tre Lon island ... Con Dao has three typical travel experience tour (The travel experience is the activities of visitors helping them identify the destination. It's something that visitors have to do or have to see). The three typical travel experience tours in Con Dao include:

Paradise island

Con Dao is different from most other parts of Vietnam as this is a quiet and peaceful place, no beggar, no theft and inviting visitors with insistence. All of them  creat an ideal and relaxing island, contrary to the hustle and bustle on most of Vietnam's land areas. Con Dao’s property includes old French colonial buildings, deserted beaches with clear blue water, golden sand beaches, beautiful mountains and endless green forests.

Con Dao Ramsa Mangrove Forest

World Natural Heritage.

Con Dao was recognized as a nature reserve in 1984 and became a National Park in 1993. It includes forests, marine and coastal ecosystems with flora and fauna of global importance. The islands of Con Dao are the spawning grounds of sea turtles so it is the most importance island in Vietnam. This is also the habitat of Dugong (sea cow), an endangered and rare specie.

Phu Tuong Tiger cage – a historic relic

A symbol of history and culture

The islands have gone down in history. For hundreds of years, Con Dao has become a shipping route and a trade station. It was often the last stop for ships on the itinerary from India to China. Con Dao was known as Poulo Condor during French colonialism in Indochina from 1887 to 1954, and was later handed over to the government of South Vietnam. Prisons still stand as a reminder to future generations of the heroism of the nation and the stain of the dark past of colonialism and imperialism in Con Dao.

It should be noted that a number of activities and tours associated with the "Specialized Experience" in Con Dao  which tourists can participate while on the island, to enhance their stay on the island as well as increase their spending levels. The focus should be encouraging tourism to develop more:

+ Water related activities

- Sailors, kayaks, fishing, scuba diving, windsurfing ...

 - Island trips and day trips.

  + Activities based on nature

 - Walk through national forests and light adventure activities (trekking, trekking through the forest, mountain biking, walking to explore, cable car ...)

 + Experience based on cultural background

 - Organize the trek at historical relics and take a bicycle ride (cycling tours) on the trail, explain unique history, monuments and tell stories on the island.

 - Enhance the quality of the travel services for "the unique experience" service currently available in Con Dao such as the experience of viewing turtles laying their eggs, the experience of prisons, cemeteries, walking tours in the national park and boating.

- Establish a food and retail supply chain in the town of Con Son.

There is also a need to improve overall tourism services to support the growing number of international visitors to Con Dao and to improve the level of support for visitors to make them feel satisfied. The emphasis on improving service on the island is to help travelers easily identify and explore the major travel experiences and provide services that can be found on the island at high quality in complete tourist destinations. At the same time to build a schedule of events, mainly over time for the mid season (ie not at all times with many visitors) to make "Con Dao Peace Festival" ( in March of Lunar Calendar) become a major annual event and mark the beginning of the tourist season in Con Dao.




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