Investment in developing Con Dao associated with preserving and promoting the value of historical relics

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 00:06
Bell tower in historical relics of Hang Duong cemetery - Con Dao

In recent years, Con Dao District Party Committee and People's Committee coordinated with Cultural - Sports – Tourism brand, Information and Communication brand to carry out many activities to promote value of Con Dao prison and attract tourists, such as: Exhibitions at key destinations; Exhibitions with the theme "Con Dao, 150 years of struggle, build and develop"; Organizing the event "Join with Con Dao to develop"; Collection, addition of artifacts, materials, images; To coordinate with agencies to organize the anniversary of the death of Ms. Phi Yen, heroic martyrs Vo Thi Sau, heroic martyrs sacrificing in Con Dao; Building Con Dao Island tours ... Along with tourism exploitation, restoration and conservation Con Dao prison is always cared properly. Many relics have been invested for restoration or build a new one such as: Phu Hai Detention Center, Phu Son Detention Center, Phu Tho Prison, French Tiger cages, Palace of Lord of Island, Office of prison guard, Heroic Martyrs Memorial House of Vo Thi Sau; The Veteran memorial at Pier 914, Ma Thien Lanh Bridge, Phu An Prison; Con Dao Temple; Con Dao Museum; The patterns of prisoners' activities and vicious activities of enemy against prisoners in Phu Hai prison and French tiger cages.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tung, Secretary of Con Dao District Party Committee said that: “To implement the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress, the 6th Provincial Party Congress, the 9th Con Dao district Party Congress of term of 2015 - 2020, District Party Committee, District People's Committee has implemented solutions to direct and guide implementation of Con Dao's development orientation to become an urban and national tourist of international stature. At the same time, Con Dao dictrict specially pay attention to preservation, embellishment and promotion of historical values ??of Con Dao National Historical Park, values of marine and forest in National Park, Ramsa area and other historical and cultural relics in the district.”

In order to effectively implement orientation of socio-economic development associated with preservation, museum, Con Dao district continues to promote propaganda to raise awareness of people and of all levels of government, branches for the cause of protection and promotion of the value of revolution and historical relics, cultural relics; To efficiently use the State's investment capital sources and call for contributions of organizations and individuals at home and abroad in order to carry out preservation, embellishment and promotion value of especially national historical relic, Con Dao; Constantly interested in restoration and repairing of national relics with degraded phenomena; Promoting the value of Con Dao Museum, To bring the Museum into tours, tourism destinations of the district; Established Management Board of Con Dao National Park on the basis of strengthening current management board, strengthening team of tour guides and interpreters to improve quality of activities of promoting and introducing Con Dao and relics system of "Con Dao prison" – a place of traditional education for the younger generations today and tomorrow for a period of heroic struggle, patriotism, indomitable spirit of revolutionary soldiers in the struggle for independence - freedom of the country.

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