Developing Con Dao become aninternational resort part 3

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 20:50
These impressive figures just mentioned shows vibrant tourism activities. They grow rapidly on Con Dao island with a beautiful history. This confirmed Resolution of leadership of Con Dao Executive Committee Party, called "Development of tourism economy Con Dao period of 2010 - 2015" 

Continue to attract investment to develop economy - culture–tourism

These impressive figures just mentioned shows vibrant tourism activities. They grow rapidly on Con Dao island with a beautiful history. This confirmed Resolution of leadership of Con Dao Executive Committee Party, called "Development of tourism economy Con Dao period of 2010 - 2015" program which was born in December 2009 is the major factor to stimulate the activities of the tourism industry throughout the years. From this Resolution, the People's Committee of Con Dao district has developed the scheme and policies of encouraging people to develop tourism. Besides, promotion and introduction about Con Dao with diverse forms such as release tourism guides, create tourism websites, advertise in newspapers, radio domestic and international…, has been strengthened. All that made the tourism economic picture with many bright colors and bearing thedeep mark of the party leadership and people of Con Dao district in recent years.

Currently, tourism economy of Con Dao is still rising. Many projects were invested from budget outside of the state budget such as Vietnam - Russia vacation resort is invested by the Company Limited Vietnam Russian with the total capital registered about 50 million. This project has completed phase 1 and prepared to come into operation;a resort and surfing is invested by Con Dao – Shang Ri La  Limited company with  $1 million; A resort project in Bai Vong Poulo Condor is invested by Cam Ly joint stock company with nearly 300 billion to build 30 rooms and restaurants ...

Con Dao National Park is considered anadvantage of this island. This park actively contributed  in protecting ecological environment here. This area is also a factor to promotedevelopment of ecotourism activities. Recently, Con Dao wetlands are recognized as the first Ramsar of Viet Nam  bythe World Nature Conservation Organization. The annual number of foreign tourists visiting Eco tours of Con Dao National Park accounted for a high proportion, up to 60-70% of visitors and a growing number of foreign visitors interested in tourism activities.


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chinh, Chairman of People's Committee of Con Dao district,said that Con Dao was received the attention of the central government and Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. Thus,  investment and development activities in Con Dao district made animportant step forward for legal framework and investment funds. From 2010 up to now, the total investment capital was over 1,800 billion. In this figure, two thirds are funds from the central budget and local; the rest is the capital of households, individuals and of investors at home and abroad.

Notably, three areas have the large amount of capital investment, which are trade, services, tourism: 570 billion; Traffic: 524 billion; Social infrastructure: 457 billion. By 2015 most of the administrative offices in the district were built new offices. Clean and modern public apartmentsare accommodations for dozens of officials, public servants. An apartment, which is about to be completedwill be a good accommodation for many households in need…. The result of investment has created a new face for this historic land.

The policiesfocus on economic development are put parallel to the task of building culture and society by the party of Con Dao district. District Party has issued many thematic resolutions in the field of culture and care for social work such as the Resolution on Education and Training; on health care for the people and for environmental protection …  If the mark on the field of economy is tourism, a milestone in the field of culture and society in recent years is that Government has decided to upgrade population of  Con Dao historical relic tothe Nation’s special relic.

Since then, there have been  many adequate activities in order to preserve and promote that Nation’s special relic. Some of these activities are direct and frequent duties of conservation, museum, restore and promote revolutionary and cultural values of heritages and  relicsby specialized agencies. By utilizing information technology, preservation, storage, search and serving exploitation documents of martyrs andexhibits of Con Dao prison has made significant improvements. The investment in the construction of spiritual and cultural relics is made possible through calling and canvassing organizations and individuals for contributing. Typically, there are two buildings arethe Temple at Hang Duong Cemetery and Con Dao Museum.

The special island tourism potential is taking Con Dao become an attractive tourist destination of our country and the Asia region. In the context of the global, regional and domestic economy are still full of difficulties and shortcomings, the number of tourists to Con Dao is increasing with every passing day. To meet the needs of the increasing visitors visiting Con Dao, the quality if services had ameliorated strongly. Besides, the incentives for investors and the strengths and favorable conditions of Con Dao will help Con Dao tourism industry develop into a quality tourist destination on a par with regional and international levels.

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