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Prestigious magazines voted Con Dao as " the one of the beautiful and mysterious islands  in the world, the island that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime ...". Areyou ready to experience Con Dao? The following experience will help you have a great trip, if you choose Con Dao in the near future.

Beautiful beaches in the front of Con Son Bay - Con Dao


Con Dao - glorious history: Prisonrelic is a prison zone in Con Dao. This prison system was built by French to detain the particularly dangerous prisoners such as political prisoners, prisoners under death penalty ... It detained patriots who fought against the colonial government, and then American re-used to imprison prisoners during the American war. Currently, it was put on the list of 23 nation’s special relics by the Prime Minister of Vietnam. In the prison, the most famous site is "Tiger cages".


1. Con Dao - Paradise for resort tourism and exploring:


Prestigious magazines voted  Con Dao as " the one of the beautiful and mysterious islands  in the world, the islandthat everyone should visit at least once in your life"


A few years recently, Con Dao has become the most attractive destination of Vietnam. And to have a good trip to Con Dao, you should referto the best experiences following:

The appropriate time to Con Dao


The appropriate time to Con Dao:


Weather in Con Dao is similar to Vung Tau city, cool climate and fresh. In order not to affect your plan, we should refer to Con Dao travel experiences following:


- From March to September: Con Dao has rain in this period, but these are just the light rains. It usually lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Moreover, Con Dao scenery becomes fresherand  more gentle sunlight after the rain. Con Dao seais very quiet and comfortable in this season. This period is appropriate for you to travel to Con Dao


- From October to February next year: this time the sea is usually rough, so the cost of the services is higher. Moreover, you will not be able to play sports activities on the beach such as: Fishing, snorkeling, visit the islets ... In return you can visit the famous historic place,incense for the national heroes or explore the primeval forest...


2. The means to Con Dao


There are two ways to get Con Dao: by boat and  by air:


The pier which can get you to Con Dao isCat Lo Port at 30/4 Street, Ward 12, Vung Tau City.Currently there are 02companies that take you from Vung Tau to Con Dao and vice versa:

The appropriate time to Con Dao


- Management Board of Ben Dam Port, contact for booking: 3 064 838684. The boat will depart at 17h00 pm andarrive Con Dao after 12 hours (5 am the next morning).


- Phuc Dai Loi Phuong Nam joint stock company, contact for booking: 064 6 517109. The boat will depart at 8:00 amand arrive Con Dao after 8 hours (16h00 the same day).

Boat of Phuc Dai Loi Phuong Nam joint stock company


Give you more anexperience, that is you can carry motorcycles (if any) by boat to Con Dao because the boat can loadmotors. This will help you save some costs for the car rental in Con Dao. You don’t forget to buy the round trip ticketas it is difficult to have the ticket to Con Dao by boat.


Currently, there is only Vietnam Airlines can take you to Con Dao. Depart from Tan Son Nhat airport.

There is only Vasco Airline taking you to Con Dao by air


3. Transportation in Con Dao


From Co Ong airport tocenter of Con Dao town is about 12km. Therefore, you can take a taxi or motorbike (if carryingmotorcycles). If you've booked the hotel, please call the hotel that they pick you up.

You should choose motorcycles as a means to visit Con Dao to save travel expenses


According to the travel experience, to travel Con Dao with cheap cost, you should choose motorcycles as the main oftransportationin Con Dao. Because it is not only cheaper than a taxi but also help you choose actively the attractivesites that you want.


The motorcycle rent on this island is from 100.000VND  to 120,000 VND / motorcycle.Besides motorcycles, taxis, you can rent a bike or walk around town to visit. Some hotels and resorts have electriccars if you go intoa union, but the price is rather high.


4. Motels, mini hotels on Con Dao island


There are many hotels, motels and resorts to choose in Con Dao. With reasonable price, qualityservices, rooms arealso very good, fully equipped. You should remember to choose hotels for your purpose, your needs and it should belocated near the center for transport, food and drink. Don’t forget to book early to have cheap price and many choices.


List of hotels and motels in Con Dao with affordable price:


- Hai An Hotel, Ho Thanh Tong Road - Tel: 064.3508077 - 01644683866;

- Quynh Anh Hotel: 064 3608409

- Thien Tan Hotel - Tel: 064.3630123 - 0919888929;

-  Phuong Thao Hotel, Tran Phu Street - Tel: 01237599977 - 064.3830526;

- Hai Nga Hotel, Tran Phustreet - phone number: 064.3830260;

- Tan An Hotel, Le Duan street - phone number: 0918579105 - 0907844747- 064.3830257

- Phi Yen guesthouse - phone number: 064.3830168;

- Thanh Xuan motel - phone number: 064.3830261;

- Thanh Ngoc motel - phone number: 064.3830219;

- Ba Doan motel - phone number: 0983567153;

- An Loc Motel,  Tran Phu street- phone number: 064.3608506 – 0904339068 -  0988448484.


5. Attractive destinations in Con Dao

Con Dao Prisons: the nation’s special relic


- Con Dao Prisons: this is the first site where you should visit. You will learn more about the past and understandwhy Con Dao has been called " thehell on the earth".


- Dam Trau Beach: According to the travel experience, this is the most beautiful beach on this  island.


- An Hai Beach: It takes you only 10 minutes to walk from the center of Con Dao to An Hai beach. An Hai beach is surrounded by mountains so the sea is very mellow, smooth, small waves, blue water and quite warm.


- Dat Doc bank: It was created by gorges which go on deep into the coast. The beach is rather small and quiet, suitable for couples or people who prefer quiet beaches.


- Ong Dung virgin forest: This is home of nearly 300 typical plants and animal from Northern and Southern, and many kinds of rare animals such as salangane, sea turtle, holothurian....


- Bay Canhisland: this is the second largest island of the 16 islands of Con Dao archipelago. The whole island is covered by primevaland special tropical forest. You can dive to contemplate coral here.


- Dam Tre Bay: Surrounded by mangrove swamp.Visitors not only get to sail to explore the swamp but also see how salanganemake their nest and play scuba diving.


- Con Dao Museum: Come to the museum, you have the opportunity to learn the history of the Con Dao through artifacts, antiques, photographs and documents from the French colonial period to the present.


In addition, you can visit some place such as Phu Son Prison, Phu Hai Con Dao, Hang Duong Cemetery (This is the resting place of more than 2,000 martyrs and Ms Vo Thi Sau), Ms. Phi Yen Temple ...


6. Tasty/ special food in Con Dao district


Not many restaurants in Con Dao. Most of them arepopular restaurants. Thus the price is veryaffordable and the food is also quite tasty. Seafood is very fresh and no more expensive thanthe mainland. You should enjoy Vu Nang snail, red grouperfish, lobster, slipper lobster, oyster sauce ...

Seafood very fresh in Con Dao


Some good and cheap restaurants that you should visit are Tri Ky on Nguyen Duc Nhuan street; Thu Baon Vo Thi Sau street ... The prices of these restaurants are similar, so you do not waste time to choose.


7. Gifts


Special food of Con Dao is a jam, which is made of the kernel of  Bang seeds. You can buy for friends or your family as gifts. You also choose mackerel, grouper. But you have to package carefully before shipping by a plane, if you fly.


8. The other important notes when traveling to Con Dao


- Remember to bring your boots or dedicated shoes  when you visit Ong Dung virgin forest and other forests.


- Services on this island is limited, so you must prepare fully psychological and physical before visiting Con Dao.


- Prepare all belongings, medicines, sunscreen, hat.


- When booking boat tickets you should book round trip tickets. Becauseif it is the tourism season, it is difficult for you to buy tickets.

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