Founding branch of tourist association in Con Dao district

Tuesday - 28/05/2019 22:24
According to Decision No. 870/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister approved on 17th June 2015, Con Dao island will become a ecology, culture - historical - spiritual tourism destination with high and special quality in the Southeast Asia region and international areas. To achieve the above objectives, the investment incentives, the policies of the State and social activities in the tourism field will be developed strongly in the furture.

Travel service activities in the district are thriving. According to statistics, there are currently 38 accommodation services businesses(including 5 five-star hotels and 1 resort, 5 mini hotels, 3 guest houses, the remaining are motels). There are 01 resortranked “five-star”, 01 hotel ranked“three-star”. In addition they are building 03 coastal resorts. They expected to put two resorts into operation around the end of 2016. There are 03 companies supplyingcoral diving services; 6 businessesoperating in travel service section. They are building promotion programs with competitive prices to serve visitors There are 2 taxi firms with 46 cars. Besides, there are about 60 cars for transporting visitors, 26 canoes, boats for serving visitors at sea or on the small islands. Systems restaurants serving tourists are growing fast. Handicraft, souvenir shops, mini supermarkets gifts, pearl shops are also expanded. The promotionprograms for tourist are interested in by building websites for tourist of Con Dao district, establishing the hotlines to receive, guide, solve problems or finding information of domestic and international tourists. Toshow trustworthy addresses tourism in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. The infrastructure of Con Dao tourism is interested by investment and development transportation, utilities, annual training professionaltravel knowledgefor staffs in tourism section. According to statisticsof the tourism industry, the total number of tourists in 2015 was 134,000, including 29,000 international visitors.Total revenue is 584.5 billion. In the first six months of 2016, the total number of visitors reachingViet Nam was 87,000, up 25.08% over the same period last year. In this figure, international tourists were  17.000 arrivalsand tourism revenue was 411.2 billion.


Overall, in recent years the implementation of the action program No. 24-CT / HU of  the Executive Committee Con Dao district, awareness of the party, government, departments and people of Con Dao district about economic role of tourism are improved. The People's Committee of Con Dao District has directed comprehensive implementationof an economic tourism development in Con Dao, contributing to the tourism economic development of Ba Ria Vung Tau province. The first results basically reached the requirements set forth such as: the average growth rate of tourist arrivals in 2010 - 2015 is about 21.18% / year; trade and tourism services gradually met the requirements of development; chain of restaurants, hotels, tourist resorts having high quality were invested, expanded and upgraded facilities, improved quality service to attract more tourists.


To meet the rapidly growing needs of tourism industry inCon Dao Con Dao district, some investment incentives, policies and activities in the tourism sector were also grown. An important new development in the social activities of the tourism industry is founding “branch of tourist association” in Con Dao district. This is a comprehensive change to help the tourism industry develop more and wider in the future.


The first congress of branch of tourist association in Con Dao district


Step by step to the success of founding the branch of tourist associationin Con Dao district.


According to the policy of the People's Committee Con Dao district, they recognized Campaigning Committee for founding the branch of tourist associationin Con Dao district by decided No.1338/QD-UBND on 18th November 2014.


This committeeplanned No.21/KH_BVР datedon 14/01/2015. This plan approached organizations and individuals joining in the branch of tourist associationin Con Dao district. With perspectives, objectives and policies of the state on tourism development in Con Dao district in the coming years, Campaigning Committee propagandized, guided organizations, individuals andcompanies in travel services establishing and joining in above branch.


Association of Tourism of Ba Ria - Vung Tau has issued Decision No. 22/QD-HHDL dated on 05/22/2015 to recognize branch of tourism association and interim executive board of this branch. Interim Executive Board has established necessary procedures for the operation of the branch. Interim Executive Board have conducted successfullythe first congress of this branch and declared formally establishingthe branch. The establishment of this branch is to create alignments, cooperations, supports each other aboutfinance, technique; improve the quality and competitiveness capability of tourism products, such as product diversification and geographical expansion of tourism activities at home and abroad; represent to protect the legitimate interests of its members. Branch of Tourism Associations are considered social-professional organizations operating under the voluntary spirit of enterprises, economic organizations, and individuals from all economic sectors operating in tourism field and other relating services in Con Dao district.


In general, founding the branch of tourist association in Con Dao district will create new opportunities for alignments, support, cooperation and expand the business of individuals, enterprises and economic organizations in tourism field... , to meet the needs of the tourism development now and in the coming years. In the future this branch will contribute to improve the quality, competitiveness capability in conformity with the tourism development strategy of decision No.870/QD-TTg by Prime Minister, strive to become a marine, ecology and culture - history - spiritually resort with superior and excellent quality of regional, international level, facilities - techniques systems synchronization and modern; branded products tourism has highcompetition, special traditional cultural, associate with Con Dao cultural and historic values.

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